About Stage Notes


Robert A. Hammond is a seasoned broadcasting and marketing professional and a fervent supporter of Broadway and the arts. He has a career spanning over 20 years in radio and television, including experience as a general manager in  several markets. Robert is well-known in the Rochester community for his stint as creator and host of Broadway on Legends, which aired on Legends 102.7 FM. Robert currently provides theatre reviews for various publications, including Broadway.com and Theatermania.com.  Originating from NPR affiliate Classical 91.5 WXXI, he is the host  and producer of Stage Notes, a weekly, syndicated radio program airing the music of Broadway Robert travels regularly to New York City to see shows on Broadway.

Among others, the following people have been guests on Stage Notes:

Adam Pascal                                                        Albert Nocciolino

Amy Grant                                                           Bernadette Peters

Cass Morgan                                                        Darren Stevenson

David Burnham                                                   Dolly Parton

Jamie Bernstein                                                  Jeff Tyzik

Jennifer Holliday                                                Jeremy Camp

Jim Brickman                                                      Joesph Leo Bwarie

Joe Donohoe                                                        Johnny Mathis

Jill Ohara                                                              John Waters

John West                                                            Karen Mason

Kyle Dean Massey                                              Laura Osnes

Lillias White                                                         Liza Minnelli

Mandy Patinkin                                                  Michael  Cavanaugh

Mark Cuddy                                                          Michael Feinstein

Matthew Morrison                                             Matthew West

Maureen McGovern                                           Nicolette Hart

Megan Hilty                                                         Renee Lawless

Ralph Meranto                                                    Scott Schwartz

Ronnie Kroell                                                       Telly Leung

Ted Chapin

Wade MaCollom



















4 thoughts on “About Stage Notes”

  1. Just listened to your broadcast with Johnny Mathis – my No.1 singer of many decades! I think it was said that Johnny’s new CD (Sending You A Little Christmas) marks the first time that Johnny had dueted on a Christmas CD. I have a 2002 Columbia CD, ‘It’s Christmas Time Again’ on which Johnny duets with Gladys Knight several times. Even if this CD was not a main issue, it is still one on which he duets Christmas songs! Best regards. David Page (UK)

    1. Thanks for your comment. Actually, Johnny told me that — didn’t want to correct him. LOL! Happy New Year!

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